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Rest Your Bones

by Crow vs Lion

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It’s like a sun, that’s setting in your chest... It’s like a loss, in time of loneliness... It’s like a thought, that’s waiting on your breath... It’s like a drum, that’s beating in your chest... It’s in your heart, It’s only your heart... It’s only in your heart, It’s only your heart.... In the time it takes to change your ways, The day will surely fade to gray, The sun will fall, the moon will rise, And there will be darkness in your eyes, And you’ll be thinking ‘bout the day, And how it all slipped away... Like the mind it takes to contemplate, The many mistakes that you have made, The wind will blow, the ground will shake, And there will be nothing left to take, And you’ll be thinking ‘bout the day, And how you let it slip away... It’s like a mind, that’s floating in the air... It’s like a dream, when I wasn’t really there... It’s like a song, where you sing your favorite part... It’s like the moon, floating past the stars... It’s in your heart, It’s only your heart...
Maps 03:29
Dreamt up a ship that sailed through the seas, An anchor for purpose, a mind for the breeze, And though I’ve been searching, just for to find, A little more purpose to anchor my mind. I have an orphaned heart in my chest, Home for the winter, home here to rest, And when it awakes it goes back again To dreaming up ways to get back to the end. I must have sung to her Sung to her sweetly Sweet melodies that remind her of leaving. ‘Cause oh on the next moon, She won’t be breathing, Air that I’ve exhaled inhaling believing... That I’m on my own ship Sailing the seas, The loneliest notion That makes it feel free. I don’t stop to wonder How long I’ve been gone When rivers are maps to the oceans I’m on. Rivers are maps to oceans sailed on.
It came, it crashed to light, Like the brightest star on the darkest night. It sat like cancer in my bones... It lay and festered there, I set it free into the air, But it just found it’s way back to my home. I felt it leaving here, Like the fleeting time inside my years. It just goes to show nothing’s bound... Just like an undertow, It pulled me down inside an ocean, I made up my mind to float around. I’ve been asleep too long, Dreaming about where I belong. Speaking with a lion on my breath... It felt just like a fire, Felt like I’d been burned alive, It left me with no certain fear of death. Now I’m somewhere in between, What it is and what it seems. There seems to be a beauty in what is true... I hold it close to me, As close to me as it can be, Now I’ve never seen a sky so blue.
Horizon 02:15
You took my heart And ripped it out, I picked it up off the ground And swallowed it back down. There is a truth Inside your lies, You closed your blinds And it has opened up my eyes. You’re sinking in Like a setting sun, Into the great blue ocean On the horizon. You paint your love With the color gray, Balancing dark and light Where time just slips away.
That little voice Inside your head Is telling you The past is dead And it goes ah.... Pick up the years You’ve left behind Don’t you waste Your wasted time The years go by Watch them go
Oh my Lenore, E.A. Poe Nevermore, I pine for you when I awake. An emptiness flows through, And drains out my mind, The weight of it all is bound to break. And oh, you thought, you found it dear, Everything inside you told you, you should believe in here, And oh, you thought, you found it dear, Everything inside you lied, you try to hide a truth you never wish to find. Well find me Oh my Lenore, E.A. Poe Nevermore, The Raven has run out of breath. My hope’s flown before, Like the burden once bore Has now since accepted your death. And oh, you thought, you found it dear, Everything inside you told you, you should be leaving here, And oh, you thought, you found it dear, Everything inside you lied, you try to hide a truth you never wish to find. Well find me Oh my Lenore, E.A. Poe Nevermore, Your shadow lies still on the floor.
Heavy is the plow girl I’m pushing through your field Weary are my bones child They need time to heal When the sun comes, I will let you know Where the sun rise, I am bound to go Heavy is my heart gal No need to carry it The moon and the stars is The company I’m with When the sun comes, I will let you know Where the sun rise, I am bound to go Lonely is the mind (lord) It’s colder in my soul Is it my time (lord) Will you let me know When the sun comes, I will let you know Where the sun rise, I am bound to go
The 28 year captain of this ship, I'm bound to sink with it... I've sailed for years with these wooden stumps, I've grown a little sea sick... Floating onward like a wayward dog, I'm chomping at the bit... My mind is rambling like a burning sun, it’s gonna need a little time to set... Oh my sun... don't you set on me... Oh my moon... don't you rise on me. Oh let the tide... drag me out to sea... Oh let the waves...crash down on me.
All A Ghost 04:47
You hear it loud, and it's off beat these bleeding hearts, flooding the street, and the city brick, and the cobblestone, aren't half as hard, as this monotone, voice that speaks, so soft of breath, we are our own, until our death, and the herd below, down on the ground, is looking up, at nothing looking down... If you abandon ship, instead of sink with it, drown in the tide, we swim beside, there is no link, to which we're bound, though shelter here, to be found, and the crow it wails, high off the ground, dive in the sea, and drink it down... The poets speak, like they have no name, like they don't wake up, and go to sleep the same, and the singers sing, in perfect harmony, but the words they say, are out of key, and you may find, that it's all a ghost, all that you love, and hold close, so hold it close.
Infantry 05:38
The pressure is filling A hunger that’s spilling On thoughts that are killing My brain. A star to shine on A love that relies on A sun to cry On the rain... Don’t give up on me Cut down my infantry And oh the things you will see An army inside of me... A hope that’s stolen A soul that’s golden Like a tear that’s shed In the lake. A stone that’s broken An appreciated token Of a love that you always Forsake. An abyss to swallow A heart that’s hollow Like a wing That has run out of breath. A color so faded In a grave you created For the lives that you now Put to rest.
The one true love for me, is asleep deep in the sea, where the waves crash, and break past, her bones and debris. On a homeward bound ship, when the cannonball hit, she got spun ‘round, and sank down, into the abyss... What a morbid love to miss. Man I feel like I’ve just been born. Yeah straight from the womb, I’m brand new, I’ve just been born. Yeah straight from the grave, I’m remade, I’ve just been born. (((Holy Moses, I’ve crossed over, bending rivers, shakes and shivers, and minions, of opinions, have crashed across the bow. Though my love has sank, to the bottom of the tank, there’s a new dawn, to sail upon, an absent god to thank. Farther than before, are the years spent from the shore, there’s a high tide, in my mind, that keeps me wanting more... What a beautifully sickening cure. Man I feel like I’ve just been set free. Yeah straight from the chains, I’m out again, I’ve just been set free. Yeah straight from the cell, my living hell, I’ve just been set free.)))
An open mind has a cluttered basement, An empty attic, a clogged kitchen sink... Look behind there’s people back there, That got you nowhere but led you to here... Long may you run with the wind at your back, Far may you fall through it all...
You’ll get what you came Here to see. I’ll fall like the rain In the sea. I feel like a rose In a cemetery of friends. There’s a light inside my bones That will shine when I break them again. You’ll become what you came Here to be. You’ll call out my name But you’ll never really know me. There’s an aching in your heart And oh it’s heavy as stone. There’s a sadness in my eyes Every time I think of home. Don’t let it go. Don’t let it go. Don’t let it go. Don’t let me go. I won’t let you go. And though it feels like, it’s so bright, It’s growing darker in my mind. Tell myself to get born, keep warm, It’s getting colder all of the time.


Rest Your Bones is Crow vs Lion’s debut album and was released in 2010 and was recorded at home.


released January 4, 2010

Album put together by Dan Gallagher & Josh Britton with contributions from Joe Duffey, Rachael Gallagher, Matt Gries, Andy Kostrzewski, Tony DiPietro, Conor Nevin and Dan Gober.

Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Dan Gallagher and Josh Britton. Except #7 by Andy Kostrzewski and #9 Joe Duffey.
Mastered by Kyle Swartzwelder.
Album artwork, layout & design by Bob Saia.


all rights reserved



Crow vs Lion Pennsylvania

Veiled symbolic poetic imagery, uniquely crafted arrangements, strategic use of metaphor with interconnected wordplay & a meticulous commitment to the overarching vision & concept is the ethos connecting Crow vs Lion’s body of work, a cauldron of experience & observation thoughtfully expressed.
Crow vs Lion is the music & art project of Dan Gallagher of Bucks County, Pa.
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